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ASTM D8071 Interlaboratory Study (ILS) Training Video

VUV Analytics

This video is the training for the current ASTM D8071 ILS.

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LCGC Webinar: Improving GC Quality and Quantitative Analysis Accuracy and Throughput Using GC-VUV


This webinar describes the unique capabilities of GC-VUV including faster GC run times, accurate isomer identification, resolution of co-eluting peaks, & fast data analysis compared to…

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Thinking Outside of the Box, Part 2: Drugs of Abuse Isomeric Distinction Made Easy with GC-VUV

Ryan Schonert, VUV Analytics

Ryan compares the advantages and challenges of working with GC-FID, GC-MS and GC-VUV when distinguishing isomers in drugs of abuse.

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Approaching the Opioid Epidemic: One Analysis at a Time — Fentanyl Isomer Analysis by GC-VUV

Lindsey Shear-Laude, VUV Analytics

Lindsey describes how VUV spectra enable the clear differentiation of fentanyl isomers. GC-VUV offers a new tool for seized drug analysis where structural isomers are encountered.…

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VUV Spectroscopy: A Novel Method in the Forensic Analysis of Fire Debris Evidence?

Adam Hall, Northeastern University

This GCC 2018 presentation proposes a novel GC-VUV method of fire debris analysis. Preliminary analyses have shown the method's potential for differentiating gasoline brands and relative…

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Recent Advances in Comprehensive Seized Drug Analysis by UHPSFC and GC-VUV


Ira Lurie describes chromatographic approaches to seized drug analysis and how GC-VUV is a useful tool for characterizing the positional isomer analogues. He hints to the…

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Discriminating Isomers and Isotopologues using Gas Chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Dr. Kevin A. Schug, et al., University of Texas, Arlington

Dr. Schug's presentation at ISCC and GCxGC 2017 discusses how Sum Squared Residual values relate to the differentiation of isomers by GC-VUV. Isomer systems investigated include…

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A New Dimension in Fire Debris Analysis: Detecting Compounds in Weathered Gasoline Samples

Sarah Pina, Paul Johnson, James Diekmann, Adam B. Hall

A novel GC-VUV method of fire debris analysis is proposed. Preliminary analyses have shown the method's potential for differentiating gasoline brands and relative amounts of evaporation.

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Designer Drug Analysis Using Gas Chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Analytical Chimica Acta

Publication describes GC-VUV analysis of forty-three designer drugs and how VUV is able to distinguish the isomeric compounds in “bath salts”, “plant food”, “spice”, or “legal…

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