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Analysis of Bacterial FAMEs Using Gas Chromatography


Publication describes how GC-VUV was used to identify and discriminate different environmental bacteria based on their fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) profiles.

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Vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy as an alternative detection system to mass spectrometry for the analysis of breath gas – a feasibility study

Thomas Gröger, et al., Joint Mass Spectrometry Centre of the University of Rostock and the Helmholtz Zentrum München (JMSC)

Presentation at ISCC and GCxGC 2017 by Thomas Groger describing how GC-VUV was successfully combined with GCxGC and applied for breath gas analysis.

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VGA-101: Next Generation Universal Detector for Gas Chromatography

VUV Analytics

The VGA-101 is a next generation universal detector for GC with extended wavelength and higher allowable operating temperatures. It is intended to simplify complex applications with…

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Quantitative Water Determination by Gas Chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet Absorbance Spectroscopy (GC-VUV)

Lindsey Shear-Laude, VUV Analytics

A new GC-VUV method for quantitative water analysis is proposed as an alternative to Karl Fisher.

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VUV en Vogue – The Analytical Scientist

The Analytical Scientist

Kevin Schug, Nicholas Snow, and Luigi Mondello share thoughts on GC-VUV application to FAMEs, flavor and fragrance, and PAH analysis.

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GC – VUV Absorbance Spectroscopy for Quantitative Water Determination

The Column

This article in the Feb 2017 edition of The Column describes the results of a pilot study focused on trace water determination in common organic solvents…

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VUV Spectroscopy w/ GC x GC Chromatography for Breath Gas Analysis

Journal of Chromatography A

The use of VUV spectroscopy with GC x GC chromatography for breath gas analysis was investigated and successfully applied to the analysis of various analytes in…

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Coeluting Peaks and VUV Absorbance Spectra – When a Little Means a Lot

Jack Cochran, VUV Analytics

As a gas chromatographer using MS the coeluting-isomer problem didn’t bother me too much, as it allowed me to practice the art of separation. Inevitably though,…

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An Interview with Dr. Nicholas Snow About Gas Chromatography and VUV Spectroscopy

Paul Johnson, VUV Analytics

VUV Analytics recently announced Dr. Nicholas Snow as the recipient of their summer 2016 academic grant, which provides Dr. Snow’s laboratory with the use of the…

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