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ASTM D8071 Site Precision Study Demonstrates Long-Term Precision & Analytical System Stability

Petro Industry News

Site study using ASTM D8071 for PIONA GC analysis of gasoline samples and EPA 40 CFR 80.47 guidelines for measuring fuel parameters demonstrated the long-term precision…

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Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: A New Tool for Gas Chromatography Analysis of Terpenes in Flavours and Fragrances


Article describes the unique capabilities of GC-VUV in terpene analysis including straightforward isomer identification, easy resolution of co-eluting peaks, & shorter GC run times. Terpene isomer…

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Analysis of Bacterial FAMEs Using Gas Chromatography


Publication describes how GC-VUV was used to identify and discriminate different environmental bacteria based on their fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) profiles.

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Molecular spectroscopy – Information rich detection for gas chromatography

TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry

Review of molecular spectroscopy detection for GC including GC-VUV. Authors describe GC-VUV as a universal detector that can distinguish isomers, deconvolve co-eluting peaks, provide compound class…

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[LCGC Blog]: Potential for Use of Stable Isotope–Labeled Internal Standards in Gas Chromatography–Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Methods

[LCGC Blog]: Dr. Kevin A. Schug, University of Texas, Arlington

LCGC blog describes a new quantitative approach using stable isotope–labeled internal standards (SIL-IS) with GC–VUV. Co-eluting isomers, including isotopically labeled compounds, can be correctly identified.

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Authentication Of Vanilla Extracts Using Gas Chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Science Trends

Article explains how GC-VUV is a useful tool for the authentication of vanilla extracts and other food matrices. Co-eluting peaks can be easily deconvolved and GC…

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Recent Advances in Comprehensive Seized Drug Analysis by UHPSFC and GC-VUV


Ira Lurie describes chromatographic approaches to seized drug analysis and how GC-VUV is a useful tool for characterizing the positional isomer analogues. He hints to the…

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Screening Tool for Diesel Tank Corrosion is Developed

PetroIndustry News

The GC-VUV and static headspace method for monitoring low-level ethanol and methanol contamination of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) underground storage tanks is described. The GC-VUV method…

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Diesel Underground Storage Tank: A Comparison of GC-VUV, GC-FID, and comprehensive two-dimensional GC–MS for the characterization of weathered and unweathered diesel fuel samples


In this publication GC-VUV is used to identify different classes of compounds and biomarkers in complex diesel fuel samples. Comparability of GC-VUV with GC-FID and GC×GC–MS…

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