The SVGA Streaming Gas Analyzer allows for continuous monitoring and real-time measurement of gas purity and concentrations in the 120nm – 240nm VUV wavelength range. The absorption cross-section of gas phase molecules in the VUV spectrum are hundreds of times stronger than in the infrared (IR) region, resulting in a new standard of sensitivity in continuous gas analysis.  The SVGA is ideally suited for real-time gas compound analysis where relatively equivalent concentrations are being used or analytes absorb in different regions of the VUV spectrum.

Recognized as the “Innovative Product of the Year” at the ISA Analysis Division Symposium, the SVGA brings detection perfection to the laboratory benchtop.

Explore the benefits of the world’s first Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) streaming gas analyzer.


  • Real-time bulk and specialty gas monitoring
  • Universal detector with unmatched compound selectivity
  • No need for prior chromatographic separation
  • Multi-port sample selection valve with inputs for up to four gases


100X Improvement in Detection Limits

  • Gas phase molecule absorption cross-section strength translates directly to sensitivity gains

Detection Perfection for Broad Uses

  • Permanent gas blends
  • Specialty gas contamination
  • Feed stream process monitoring
  • CO2 capture and conversion
  • Catalyst reactions

Easy Determination & Deconvolution 

  • Beer-Lambert Law driven quantitation
  • Rich absorption spectra for painless deconvolution

Simple to Operate & Maintain

  • Strong energies are not affected by small temperature fluctuations, eliminating the need for routine calibrations
  • NO vacuum pumps required
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  • Blended gas sample characterized despite overlapping signals
  • O2, CO2, and CO were all similar in concentration (low to mid-ppmv)
  • Analytes matched with library compounds and fit with model showing good agreement
  • Spectra of all three compounds easily deconvolved and provided as % mass composition
  • Concentration dependence related to degree of absorbance signal overlap
  • Incomplete signal overlap opens possibility of measurement across orders of magnitude

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