All gas phase molecules absorb strongly in the vacuum ultraviolet region (120 – 240 nm), yet application of VUV absorption technology to routine analytical detection and measurement has not been addressed…until now. The VGA-100 is the world’s first benchtop VUV spectrometer.  It is a universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography detector that provides both qualitative and quantitative data. The strong absorption of gas phase molecules in the VUV spectrum provide excellent sensitivity, and the compound-specific absorption spectra provide unparalleled selectivity.

Discover the advantages of the world’s first VUV spectroscopy detector.

VUV Analytics has extended the usefulness of absorption spectroscopy into the powerful Vacuum Ultraviolet region where most gas phase molecules absorb strongly and uniquely.  This high energy, low wavelength energy produces electronic transitions in virtually all chemical bonds including ground state to excited state σ→ σ* and π→ π*.  VUV spectroscopy has been made available to the general scientific community for the first time ever with the award-winning VGA-100 detector.

Download the VGA-100 Product Brochure and Instrument Detection Limits and Linearity Data Sheet for More Information About:

  • Unmatched compound selectivity including isomers
  • Easy deconvolution of co-eluting analytes
  • First-principal detection that eliminates the need for continuous calibration
  • Consistently low picogram compound sensitivity
  • Robust system performance with minimal maintenance requirements
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Formerly difficult analytes are simplified by GC-VUV

PCB Analysis

Fentanyl Analysis

Fuel Refining
Aromatics Analysis

Flavors & Fragrances
Terpene Analysis

Residual Solvents

Food & Beverage
FAMEs Analysis

VGA-100 Food and Beverage FAMEs Analysis


Explore our Industries

  • GC-VUV delivers an automated method for monitoring pesticide residues in food, water, soil and tissue samples.

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  • Persistent organic contaminants in water, soils, sediments, and air can be unambiguously identified and quantitated using GC-VUV.

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    Environmental Science

  • GC-VUV easily differentiates flavor and fragrance isomers while providing their relative concentrations.

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    Flavors & Fragrances

  • Process impurity and product quality control testing is straightforward using GC-VUV automated analysis.

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    Food & Beverage Safety

  • GC-VUV offers forensics researchers a single platform for isomer differentiation, co-eluting analyte deconvolution, compound class characterization, and quantitative analysis.

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  • ASTM Method D8071 delivers complete and fully automated PIONA analysis in a single injection.

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    Fuels Refining

  • VUV spectroscopy can characterize water and solvent in API in the same run.

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    Life Science

  • GC-VUV provides unambiguous identification and quantitation of alternative medicine contaminants and adulterants.

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    Nutraceuticals & Alternative Medicine

  • VUV spectroscopy resolves product-related isomers and characterizes process impurities such as aldehydes, catalyst killers, and water all in the same run.

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  • Pharma VUV spectroscopy offers high sensitivity and unmatched selectivity for single run screening of API contaminants and Class 1–3 (and other) residual solvents.

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  • GC-VUV provides definitive characterization of chemical compounds and their precursors along with straightforward data processing workflows to eliminate guesswork.

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    Specialty Chemicals

  • VUV spectroscopy delivers a solution for real-time bulk and specialty gas monitoring, enabling improved process control.

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    Specialty Gas