VUV Analytics’ vision is to enable new science and better processes by harnessing the unique capabilities of VUV technology.  VUV Analytics is the world leader in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy. VUV light creates unique spectral signatures that result in the unambiguous identification and quantitation of compounds across a diverse set of markets and applications.  Unlike legacy detection methods, VUV detectors allow for a more automated analysis with reduced human error and higher analytical throughput.

Benefits of VUV Spectroscopy

Reduced human error

High degree of data automation reduces need for analytical expertise and time per analyst

  • No guesswork in interpreting results

Intuitive analysis simplifies data processing through:

  • Software matching of analyte spectra against library compounds
  • Proprietary algorithms used to automate compound class characterization
  • 1st principles quantitation by Beer’s Law

Higher analytical throughput

Shorter chromatography runtimes

  • Software deconvolution of co-elution reduces chromatographic separation burden
  • Chromatography runs can be deliberately compressed without losing qualitative or quantitative data integrity.

Higher analyst productivity

  • Software compound identification and quantitation mitigates need for complex interpretation
  • Less analysis time per sample due to automated software fitting and quantitation algorithms

Simple Absorption Spectroscopy in a New Spectral Region


Everything absorbs strongly in the VUV spectrum (120 – 240 nm).  This high energy, low wavelength energy produces electronic transitions in virtually all chemical bonds including ground state to excited state σ→ σ* and π→ π*.  Compounds can be unambiguously identified and quantitated in a variety of applications including fuel refining, petrochemical, food & beverage, fragrances & flavors, forensics, environmental, and life science.  VUV detectors provide unmatched selectivity of isomers and co-eluting analytes without the need for chromatographic baseline resolution.


Unmatched compound selectivity

  • Easily deconvolve co-eluting analytes
  • Clear and easy isomer differentiation
  • Baseline chromatographic resolution not required

Excellent measurement sensitivity

  • Consistently low picogram limits of detection

Data is both highly quantitative and qualitative

  • Mass sensitive measurement of individual components
  • VUV data provides unique spectral fingerprints for all compounds

Reliable & Easy to use

  • No ionization required
  • No routine maintenance necessary, no vacuum pumps
  • No calibration required – 1st principle detection provides a predictable linear response

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