PerkinElmer partnership GCC 2019

VUV Analytics™ Partners with PerkinElmer to Provide Innovative Gas Chromatography Solutions – See them both at the Gulf Coast Conference 2019

Austin, TX – October 14th, 2019 –VUV Analytics, Inc., pioneers in developing Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Spectroscopy based analytical instruments and PerkinElmer, a leading manufacturer of analytical and healthcare instruments, today announced a Global Solutions Distribution agreement. Under the terms of this non-exclusive agreement PerkinElmer, Inc.,...

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ASTM D02 Meeting – December 2019 @ New Orleans Marriott
Dec 8 – Dec 12 all-day
ASTM D02 Meeting - December 2019 @ New Orleans Marriott | New Orleans | Louisiana | United States

ASTM D02 — Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels and Lubricants is set to meet in December 2019, for it’s second meeting of the year.   This is where VUV Analytics will have updates on all ASTM Fuel methods, including:

  • Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis (VHA, an elevated version of DHA)
  • Diesel