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A New Method for Residual Solvent Analysis Using Static Headspace Gas Chromatography–Vacuum Ultraviolet Absorbance Spectroscopy

Lindsey Shear-Laude, VUV Analytics

GC–VUV with static headspace reduces GC runtimes in residual solvent analysis by >5X while enabling residual solvent classes to be combined within GC runs.

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Introducing ASTM D8071 for PIONA Compound Analysis of Gasoline by GC-VUV

PetroIndustry News

This webinar describes ASTM D8071, which is a single injection, single column method for PIONA GC analysis of gasoline range samples. The GC-VUV method is suitable…

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Watch “Understanding the Growing Use of the Vacuum Ultraviolet”

[The Analytical Scientist Webinar]: Dr. Dale Harrison, VUV Analytics

Dr. Harrison describes the principles behind the ability of vacuum ultraviolet light to provide distinct spectral data for every compound, including structural isomers, that is both…

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