Thank you for participating in the Midwest Emerging Drugs of Abuse Roundtable

Below you will find the links to download the recap summary and both of the presentations from the event.

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Analytical Challenges in Identifying Structural Isomers of Drugs

Presented by Dr. John V. Goodpaster, Donna Roskowski, Zack Roberson, IUPUI Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program

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Keep Your Fuel Streams from “Diene” with VUV – Part 3.5

Alex Hodgson, VUV Analytics

Bonus blog! Just when you thought Alex Hodgson was done talking about conjugated diolefins…

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Direct Analysis of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Purified Mineral Oils for Foods & Cosmetics Applications with GC-VUV

Journal of Chromatography A

Dr. Hans-Gerd Janssen demonstrates the differences when measuring aromatics in mineral oil samples with GC-VUV versus the traditional methods NPLC-GC-FID and SPE-GC-FID for sensitivity and repeatability.

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Keep Your Fuel Streams from “Diene” with VUV – Part 3

Alex Hodgson, VUV Analytics

In the final post of the series, Alex Hodgson explains how to make the derivatization method will work with GC-VUV.

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