Thank you for participating in the Midwest Emerging Drugs of Abuse Roundtable

Below you will find the links to download the recap summary and both of the presentations from the event.

VUV Analytics has also created a private, invitation only LinkedIn Group to further the discussion on topics discussed at the event.  Click here to connect with Jennifer Donelson for an invitation to the group.

Analytical Challenges in Identifying Structural Isomers of Drugs

Presented by Dr. John V. Goodpaster, Donna Roskowski, Zack Roberson, IUPUI Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program

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Using Static Headspace GC-VUV to Detect Methanol in Light Crude Oil

James Diekmann, VUV Analytics

James Diekmann gives us insight on how to detect methanol in crude oil without harming your GC!

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Searching for Buried Treasure Using VUV’s Spectral Filters

Ryan Schonert

Ryan Schonert uses spectral filters to further analyze lipstick samples using a VGA-101.

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VUV 101: What’s in a Spectrum?

Alex Hodgson, VUV Analytics

The first in a new series, Alex will be doing on VUV 101 -- everything you need to know about vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy.

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