Thank you for participating in the Midwest Emerging Drugs of Abuse Roundtable

Below you will find the links to download the recap summary and both of the presentations from the event.

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Analytical Challenges in Identifying Structural Isomers of Drugs

Presented by Dr. John V. Goodpaster, Donna Roskowski, Zack Roberson, IUPUI Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program

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Simulation of Vacuum Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra: PIONA Hydrocarbon Class Compounds

This publication from Applied Spectroscopy demonstrates theoretical simulations of VUV spectra using computational chemistry for fuels using PIONA class compounds and time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT).

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ASTM D8267: The Only Real Solution to the ASTM D1319 Dye Crisis

This webinar from PetroIndustry News discusses the new ASTM D8267 for Jet Fuel Analysis that is an approved method for those with ASTM D1319 dye issues.

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Evaluation & Application of GC-VUV for Drug and Explosive Precursors

This publication discusses Vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy of drug- and explosive precursors and comparison of spectral-based deconvolution and non-negative matrix factorization.

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