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Simplifying a Complex Sample Matrix….with Spectral Filters!

Alex Hodgson, VUV Analytics

Alex describes the use of spectral filters to analyze compounds in complex matrices such as BHT and benzothiophene in transformer oils.

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Coeluting Peaks and VUV Absorbance Spectra – When a Little Means a Lot

Jack Cochran, VUV Analytics

As a gas chromatographer using MS the coeluting-isomer problem didn’t bother me too much, as it allowed me to practice the art of separation. Inevitably though,…

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VUV Spectroscopy for Water Analysis GC Applications

Paul Johnson, VUV Analytics

A summary of the VUV Analytics and Supelco Seminar tour covering the water analysis GC applications addressed by Watercol Columns & GC-VUV is included.

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