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Alberta Petroleum Symposium 2019

All of the presentations from the Alberta Petroleum Symposium, sponsored by PerkinElmer, VUV Analytics and Alberta Innovates.

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Gulf Coast Conference 2019 Presentations

Download all of the presentations from the recent Gulf Coast Conference event, Galveston, TX on October 15th - 16th, 2019.

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PetroIndustry News Webinar: ASTM D8071 & it’s Alternative Methods

This webinar will provide a technical overview of the ASTM D8071 method, EPA equivalency to other ASTM methods and its current status along with a discussion…

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Determining Olefin & Conjugated Diolefin Content in Refined Gasoline

Recording of the webinar with McDermott Technology & VUV Analytics to review how GC-VUV is used to analyze olefins & conjugated diolefins in gasoline compared to…

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LCGC Webinar: Pharmaceutical Analysis by GC-VUV


This webinar is hosted by LCGC and is lead by Merck, Principal Scientist Jinjian Zheng. In the webinar, Jinjian Zheng demonstrates how to use Gas Chromatography…

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Gulf Coast Conference 2018 Presentation: Fast Analysis of Non-Traditional Gasoline Additives

Ryan Schonert, VUV Analytics

Non-traditional gasoline additives (NTGAs) like ethyl acetate are being researched as beneficial octane-booster replacements for ethanol and methyl tert-butyl ether.  Other octane-enhancing NTGAs, including acetone and…

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Gulf Coast Conference 2018 Presentation: Using Static Headspace to Detect Methanol in Crude Oil

James Diekmann, VUV Analytics

Methanol is used in the production of crude oil to prevent formation of gas hydrates. Residual methanol in crude oil can lead to costly problems in…

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Gulf Coast Conference 2018 Presentation: Estimating PMI with GC-VUV Spectroscopy

Jack Cochran, VUV Analytics

Particulate Matter Index (PMI) indicates how fuel quality contributes to particle number emissions in automobiles.  Because gasoline is complex, GC-FID detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) is used…

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Gulf Coast Conference 2018 Presentation: Olefin Class Characterization in Gasoline

Alex Hodgson, VUV Analytics

Alex Hodgson presents at Gulf Coast Conference 2018 on olefin differentiation for gasoline using GC-VUV spectroscopy.

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