Published James Diekmann on February 4, 2019

2 responses to “Screening Your Coffee for Furan with GC-VUV”

  1. This is fascinating work and it looks like you got good resolution which is a bonus when dealing with matrix. Would not hurt to show absorbance spectra for #14 just to illustrate how easily those two can be differentiated using VUV. I’m curious about what stationary phase you used to get the separation? Thanks again for sharing your work.

  2. James Diekmann says:

    Hi Chris! Thanks for leaving the comment. This was a fun little experiment to do. The column we used was an Rxi-624Sil (30m, 0.25mmid, 1.4umdf). Point taken about the spectral differences for peak #14. Perhaps, I’ll create a blog post highlighting VUV’s differentiation in this matrix . Hope I answered your question!

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