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VUV en Vogue – The Analytical Scientist

The Analytical Scientist

Kevin Schug, Nicholas Snow, and Luigi Mondello share thoughts on GC-VUV application to FAMEs, flavor and fragrance, and PAH analysis.

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Real Time Gas Analyzer: VUV Detector Simplifies Streaming Gas Analysis

Specialty Gas Report

Read the recent gasworld article about how VUV spectroscopy has changed how gas purity is analyzed. The SVGA-100 streaming real time gas analyzer provides purity and…

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Permanent gas analysis using GC with VUV detection. – Journal of Chromatography A

Journal of Chromatography A

The analysis of complex mixtures of permanent gases consisting of low molecular weight hydrocarbons, inert gases, and toxic species plays an increasingly important role in today's…

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An Interview with Dr. Nicholas Snow About Gas Chromatography and VUV Spectroscopy

Paul Johnson, VUV Analytics

VUV Analytics recently announced Dr. Nicholas Snow as the recipient of their summer 2016 academic grant, which provides Dr. Snow’s laboratory with the use of the…

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