Published James Diekmann on May 30, 2019

2 responses to “I Ain’t Got No Cork Taint – April’s VUV Absorbance Spectra Library Additions”

  1. Catie Clemens says:

    Comment from Richard Schneider from Inspectorate: This looks promising and could be superior to the methods currently used, but the $64 question is, what is the quantification limit? To make this of interest to the wine industry, you will need to get down to 1 ppt.

  2. James Diekmann says:

    [‎5/‎30/‎2019 11:33 AM]
    To answer your $64 question Richard, it’s unlikely we would be able to achieve parts-per-trillion detection limits without preconcentration. In general, VUV can see low picograms on column (or parts-per-billion levels). As of now, trace level analysis for VUV absorbance spectroscopy isn’t our strong suit, especially in complex matrices. Until we’re able to increase our sensitivity, we’ll have to leave the trace level detection to time-of-flight mass spectrometry or similarly sensitive instrumentation. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at

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