Published Dan Wispinski on June 9, 2020

3 responses to “Detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) – Past, Present and Future Part 2”


    A question : as I understand, VHA will, in a near
    future, replace ASTM D6730, by idetification of
    all individual hidrocarbon in naphtas and gasolines.

    Am I right ?
    What is probable time to be ready ?

    • catie.styre says:

      Hi Raul — Thank you for your comment! Here is the feedback from Dan Wispinski, the blog author:

      ASTM D6730 can not identify all individual hydrocarbons because 1.) up to 5% in gasoline and sometimes >5% in naphtha are labelled as unknown

      2.) identified hydrocarbons in D6730 are often mis-labelled and

      3.) D6730 can not deal with coelutions and labels a hydrocarbon even though there may be several compounds in the peak

      VHA verifies 85 to 100% of individual compounds in gasoline and naphtha without peak integration and operator interpretation. In up to 15% of the cases where an exact library match to an individual hydrocarbon can not be made then the hydrocarbon is assigned a carbon number based on retention index and a hydrocarbon class based on spectral response. This results in zero% unknowns which is a significant benefit over misidentifications or coelutions .

      VHA is available now. The ASTM method based on VHA is in ballot process and will be available in 6 to 12 weeks.
      Let us know if you have any further questions!

  2. Hello Dan & Sean,
    Nice to see how Ethanol tails !
    We should calculate VHAtoD86 and DHAtoD86 and compare D86 data ! Nice publication for JoHiResChro for sure !

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