Published Jack Cochran on June 25, 2018

2 responses to “Don’t Let Your Sweetener Go Sour: GC-VUV for the Determination of BTEX and Other Hydrocarbons in Diglycolamine Used for Removing Acid Gases in Natural Gas”

  1. Chris Goss says:

    Hi Jack:
    would it be possible to see CO2 and H2S in this solution by VUV. They are likely under the water peak?

    Also any idea on how low we could measure CO2 and H2S in an acid gas mixture (propane, methane ethane)?

    • Alex Hodgson says:

      Hi Chris,

      If CO2 and H2S were eluting under a 25-50% water peak, they would almost certainly be invisible, as that much water would saturate the detector to at least 180 nm.

      However, if we were to achieve well-separated peaks (at least from the large constituent peaks) for CO2 and H2S, we could quantitate down to about 1-5 ug on column (based on previous work done with CO2, CO, and CH4 in transformer oil).

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