VUV Analytics: Making Vacuum Ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy available
to the general scientific community for the first time. As in, ever.

Discover how VUV detection improves chemical analysis accuracy and solves common GC separation problems

VGA-100 Detector

Rapidly acquires full chromatographic and spectroscopic absorption data from 125 – 250 nm

Unambiguous compound identification including co-eluting analytes and isomers

1st principle detection provides a predictable linear response, reducing calibration burden

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VGA-101 Detector

Extends the VUV spectrum data from 125 – 430 nm

Operating temperature heating up to 430° C for high boiling point compound analysis

Low picogram detection with unmatched selectivity

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VUV Analyzer™ for Fuels

The universal detection capabilities of GC-VUV allows you to see more

Unambiguous class- and compound-based identification

Comprehensive application-specific libraries

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Blood Alcohol Analysis
James Diekmann, VUV Analytics

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VUV Analytics™ Partners with PerkinElmer to Provide Innovative Gas Chromatography Solutions – See them both at the Gulf Coast Conference 2019

Austin, TX – October 14th, 2019 –VUV Analytics, Inc., pioneers in developing Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Spectroscopy based analytical instruments and PerkinElmer, a leading manufacturer of analytical and healthcare instruments, today announced a Global Solutions Distribution agreement. Under the terms of this non-exclusive agreement PerkinElmer, Inc.,...

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  • “The VUV detector has proven itself with the ability to distinguish olefins and aromatics from aliphatics – that’s a killer application given the complexity and time involved using any other technique. The VUV detector’s ability to perform a more accurate and much more robust PIONA analysis is an important milestone in its ongoing success.”

    Bill Winniford, Fellow

    Bill Winniford, Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company, Houston, Texas, USA

  • “VUV spectroscopy adds a dimension that is complementary to mass spectrometry, offering selectivity that is difficult to otherwise obtain.”

    Hans-Gerd Janssen, Professor and Science Leader

    Hans-Gerd Janssen, Professor, University of Amsterdam, and Science leader, Unilever Research Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

  • “One of the main advantages of VUV detection for us appeared to be the ability to gain more specific molecular information…co-elutions that we know exist but cannot be identified with FID can be unraveled.”

    Pierre Giusti, Molecular Separation & Identification Service Manager, and Gaelle Jousset, Gas Chromatography Laboratory Manager

    Pierre Giusti, Molecular Separation & Identification Service Manager, and Gaelle Jousset, Gas Chromatography Laboratory Manager, Research & Development, TOTAL Refining & Chemicals, Normandy, France

  • “The VUV detector will be used as a universal, calibration-free tool that provides the relative quantitative values of distinct molecules in mixtures in a rapid manner.”

    Luigi Mondello, Chair of ISCC and GCxGC Conference in Riva del Garda, and Professor

    Luigi Mondello, Chair of ISCC and GCxGC Conference in Riva del Garda, and Professor, University of Messina, Italy

  • “One thing that I really like about VUV is that it can be considered a universal detector but with the advantage of being familiar to us. We all used UV spectrometers in school.”

    Nicholas Snow, Professor

    Nicholas Snow, Professor, Seton Hall University, New Jersey, USA

  • “Eliminates ionization inefficiencies that are encountered in mass spectrometry analysis."

    Mark R. Emmett, Ph.D.

    Mark R. Emmett, Ph.D. Professor, The University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, UTMB Cancer Research Center

  • “An amazingly simple concept extended into a powerful spectral region."

    Tim Hossain, Ph.D.

    Tim Hossain, Ph.D. Chief Scientist, Cerium Laboratories

  • “The VUV detector is a powerful new tool in the GC toolbox."

    Kevin A. Schug, Ph.D.

    Kevin A. Schug, Ph.D. Professor & Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry, The University of Texas at Arlington