Published James Diekmann on July 31, 2019

2 responses to “Expanding Our Arsenal of Fuels Analysis – Methanol in Biodiesel”

  1. Curiousity just struck, and got me wondering how sensitive the method would be, for an ethanol–based biodiesel. Finicky folks who are particular about where their glycerine products came from, might pay a premium for glycerol ethanolysis of fats, rather than methanolysis. Any clues?

    • James Diekmann says:

      Hi Bob!

      Thanks for the feedback. I would expect an ethanol-based biodiesel to have similar sensitivity levels as the methanol-based analysis. I’m unfamiliar with how prevalent ethanol analysis is in biodiesel, but I’ll assume they are monitored at similar levels, so it should be doable. If you have a reference method, let me know so I can investigate further!

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